Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vegan Month of October (VEGAN MOFO)

For the first time ever, I am partaking in a massive community event, called Vegan Mofo, to write about veganism for the month of October. While I will shoot for writing a little somethin' somethin' every day, lets face it, we all have lives outside the online world.

That said, expect news updates, new recipes, old recipes, cool photographs... basically anything that has to do with veganism is game.

I remind you that I am not a vegan, but a vegetarian. In the spirit of Vegan MoFo, I will attempt to be vegan for the Month of October. I am a little terrified of not being able to eat milk chocolate Halloween candy, or Jelly Bellies, (I have to double check if they have gelatin in them), but I'm pretty positive that I can relinquish my love of cheese for a mere 30 days.

Happy Mofoing!

1 comment:

  1. No gelatin, but confectioners glaze I think. Happy MoFo!