Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hot Diggid-E Dog

For some inexplicable reason, despite my involvement in the natural foods industry (not to mention my own vegetarianism), I seem to gravitate towards the entertaining monstrosities of fair food. While I doubt I would ever indulge (or shall I say be forced to eat) one of these calorie-laden, artificially colored, and definitely not organic treats, I get a certain kind of enjoyment out of reading about them...I know that I should look away yet it's too interesting not to- like The Jerry Springer Show.

So when I saw this hotdog set to be featured at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big-E) September 16-October 2, 2011, my interest was piqued. The facts: Laden with slices of jalapeno, it is reported that the initial testers of the hot dog were running for water after taking a bite. Consequently, the name The Dog That Bites You Back Contest was created, where the aptly titled Hot Diggid-E Dog was coined.

According to Sue Lavoie, vice president of Eastern States Exposition and a veteran of creating fun fair foods, “We have high hopes for this hot dog, which joins another new tubular treat for 2011 we’re calling the New England Dog which is wrapped in bacon and slathered with baked beans and cheddar cheese.”

The Big-E is held at 1305 Memorial Avenue, West Springfield, MA 01089
Phone: (413) 737-2443