Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Gingerbread Houses

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than sittin' down with some friends, flipping the Comcast to Christmas music, and building your very own gingerbread house?! After deciding that we had a craving to make a cookie abode, my friends and I searched for the perfect pre-made building supplies. But lo and behold, all of the gingerbread houses sold in Target were lame and chock-filled of nasty ingredients.

So off to we went to make our own awesome houses. The cookies, the frosting and candy to adorn the houses were definitely not vegan, but gingerbread houses have got to have the stability to withstand the snowy winter wonderland decorations!

We found that the hallmarks of a fancy house were in the details. Pull 'N Peel Twisters make ideal bricks for a walkway when snipped into little shards. And Jujubee bushes really added to the house's landscaping.

Can you tell which house I worked on?

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