Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Craz-E Burger!!

Every fall in West Springfield, Massachusetts, something peculiar happens. Cream puffs as large as your head, gigantic eclairs and monumental chocolate chip cookies are sold at New England's largest country fair, The Big-E. This year, the fair will feature a whopping monster of a burger entitled The Craz-E Burger. Made with beef, cheese, bacon and a donut grilled in butter there is no question as to how the burger earned its name.

Is it vegetarian? No.
Is it vegan? Absolutely not.

But my oh my it is a fantastic exhibition of patriotic indulgence in the best possible way.

To get one in your own hands, the Big E takes place Sept. 18 – Oct. 4, 2009, (

Or if you can't get to Massachusetts, make one yourself!

The Craz-E Burger
As sold at the Big-E Fair

1 beef patty

American Cheese

Crisp bacon

Butter grilled glazed donut

Carefully slice the donut in half, lightly butter and grill. Add cooked burger, top with cheese and crisp bacon.
Place in between the donut halves.
No condiments are needed.

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