Thursday, June 11, 2009

My First Catering Job!

Okay, I do not know if this technically qualifies as a catering job because I will be employed by my father for his book party, I will not be paid and I just about begged him for the opportunity. However, I am excited nevertheless because I will be making dessert for around 30ish people!

Dad, who is a publicist in the outdoor industry, recently completed a book entitled, You Want to Go Where? which both outlines how to gain funding for expeditions through experiences he has encountered in his line of work. To celebrate the release of the book, there will be a cocktail party at the house!

Upon brainstorming how to feed a large amount of people as easily as possible, I concluded to make cupcakes. Not only because they are currently my favorite baked good, but they also eliminate the complication of plates and forks. To top it off, I recently inherited a full set of professional cake decorating supplies, and I would love to break them in.

So, like a real caterer, I took orders from my Dad. Vanilla on vanilla was the choice for the batter and the frosting, while the decorations were left up to me! I'm thinking something to go along with the "exploring" theme. Maybe tiny marzipan figures of cameras, or perhaps I could convince my Dad to let me make blue icing, and pipe on continents so the cupcakes form mini globes. If all else fails, I will buy a bunch of "around-the-world" toothpicks with flags, and stick them onto the tops- just like an explorer at the top of a snow-peaked mountain!

Stay tuned for pictures and recipes!

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